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Gold Characteristics:

The physical properties and physical characteristics of Gold.

Physical Characteristics of Gold

  • Gold is a metal.
  • Gold's colour is golden "butter" yellow.
  • Gold's luster is metallic.
  • Gold's transparency is opaque.
  • Gold's Crystal System is isometric; 4/m bar 3 2/m
  • Gold's Crystal Habits include massive nuggets and disseminated grains. Also wires, dendritic and arborescent crystal clusters.
  • Cleavage is absent in Gold.
  • Fracture is jagged in Gold.
  • Streak is golden yellow in Gold.
  • Gold's hardness is 2.5 - 3
  • Specific Gravity of Gold is 19.3+ (which is extremely heavy even for metallic minerals)
  • Associated Minerals with Gold include quartz, nagyagite, calaverite, sylvanite, krennerite, pyrite and other sulfides.

Gold's other physical characteristics:

  • Gold is ductile
  • Gold is malleable
  • Gold is sectile
  • Meaning that gold can be pounded into other shapes, stretched into a wire and cut into slices.

Notable Occurances of Gold

  • Notable Occurrences of Gold include California and South Dakota, USA; Siberia, Russia; South Africa; Canada and other localities around the world.

Best Field Indicators of Gold

  • Best Field Indicators for gold are color, density, hardness, sectility, malleability and ductility.


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