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Gold Poetry:

Examples of poetry about the precious metal gold.

Eldorado by Edgar Allan Poe:

Eldorado was "The city of Gold." Everything in Eldorado was believed to be made of pure gold, even the cooking utensils and furniture.

Explorers believed that the city of Eldorado was located somewhere in the forests of the Amazon.

Sir Walter Raleigh died as a result of his quest for Eldorado.

After Sir Walter Raleigh's second expedition failed in 1618, Queen Elizabeth I of England had him executed.

This poem by Poe, titled "Eldorado", is about a knight who spends his whole life (unsuccessfully) searching for the mythical city of gold - Eldorado.


Gaily bedight,
A gallant knight,
In sunshine and in shadow,
Had journeyed long,
Singing a song,
In search of Eldorado.

But he grew old--
This knight so bold--
And o'er his heart a shadow
Fell as he found
No spot of ground
That looked like Eldorado.

And, as his strength
Failed him at length,
He met a pilgrim shadow-
"Shadow," said he,
"Where can it be--
This land of Eldorado?"

"Over the Mountains
Of the Moon,
Down the Valley of the Shadow,
Ride, boldly ride,"
The shade replied--
"If you seek for Eldorado!"

Eldorado by Edgar Allan Poe

GOLD! by Thomas Hood:

Thomas Hood was born in London in 1799.

Thomas Hood was the son of a bookseller.

Thomas Hood (1799-1845)


Gold! Gold! Gold!
Bright and yellow, hard and cold
Molten, graven, hammered and rolled,
Heavy to get and light to hold,
Hoarded, bartered, bought and sold,
Stolen, borrowed, squandered, doled,
Spurned by young, but hung by old
To the verge of a church yard mold;
Price of many a crime untold.
Gold! Gold! Gold! Gold!
Good or bad a thousand fold!
How widely it agencies vary,
To save - to ruin - to curse - to bless -
As even its minted coins express :
Now stamped with the image of Queen Bess,
And now of a bloody Mary.

Gold! by Thomas Hood

Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robert Frost:

Robert Frost is a modern American Poet.

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Nature's first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leafs a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.

Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robert Frost


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